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 Premières images! + infos du TGS

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MessageSujet: Premières images! + infos du TGS   Jeu 15 Sep - 19:11

Bah alors,les mecs!Je pensais que vous seriez déjà sur le coup!Elles sont là depuis hier,les premières images du jeu que l'on attend tous!

Et pour l'instant,on sait que:

-c'est la suite directe du 2

-la plupart des persos emblématiques des deux premiers seront là (cf artwork de Shinkawa) et ont donc bien vieilli

-y'aura un nouveau système de caméra

-le thème du jeu c'est "No place to hide" et la volonté de Kojima est de placer le joueur dans un environnement en perpetuelle modification. Le mag officiel PS2 parle d'une ambiance entre Rambo et Black Hawk Down, sur un terrain de guerre où les tirs d'artillerie redessinent en permanence la topographie et où Snake se bat aux côtés d'alliés contrôlés par l'AI

-au vu des scans ça va être beau à pleurer

Premier trailer ce week-end à l'occasion du TGS, tournant dixit Kojima sur du vrai hardware PS3. king

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MessageSujet: Re: Premières images! + infos du TGS   Jeu 15 Sep - 21:02

Je les avait vu déja mais pas eu le temps de poster à cause des cours...

Merci FoxDie d'avoir creer le topic

Bon, personnellement avant de donner mon avis je vais peut-être attendre la vidéo car pour l'instant je suis assez disons, perplexe...

Le jeu a l'air magnifique c'est un fait: mais l'ambiance si elle est comme décrite durant tout le jeux....

Je ne m'attendais pas a sa mais plutot a un jolie réglement de compte entre Patriote, Solid Liquid, ocelot Big Boss et Raiden.

j'attend d'en savoir plus Sad
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MessageSujet: Re: Premières images! + infos du TGS   Ven 16 Sep - 18:06

d'accord avec solid 21! J'hésite entre surprennant et décevant!
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MessageSujet: Re: Premières images! + infos du TGS   Ven 16 Sep - 22:13

bon j'imagine qu'on a pas de traducteur japonais ici
ya pas quelqu'un qui a trouvé un site ou c'est traduit??
en tout cas merci fox die pour ces news sur mgs 4!
je m réserve à commenter ca, je comprends rien à ce qui est écrit.
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MessageSujet: Re: Premières images! + infos du TGS   Ven 16 Sep - 23:04
Beaucoup d'informations, mais j'ai encore rien lu.
TGS 2005: MGS 4 Seen, Detailed
Guns of the Patriots shown at TGS. Nine minutes of video on display! Information inside.
by Ivan Sulic
September 15, 2005 - Metal Gear Solid 4 is officially titled Guns of the Patriots. It's at TGS and our boys are floored. According to their reports, it goes something like...

The world is brown, broken. Buildings lie burnt and shattered. Streets are twisted and mangled. Some war ruined this place. Some war ruins it still.

Soldiers prowl the futuristic battlefield, boasting their technological might. Bipedal personal war machines saunter alongside heavily armored tanks, almost strutting with artificial bravado. Above, helicopters rumble, tearing the very air apart. Air... And smoke. And dust.

This one has life.

The world is shown from the first-person. Hideo is taunting us. Is this an FPS? No way! Snake appears suddenly. Old and gray, he leaps forward like an animal and out come the CQC maneuvers. Soldiers fall helplessly before him. In someway we're reminded of Frank Miller's The Dark Night Returns. Age is not synonymous with weakness, anyway.

With his victims before him and their comrades rapidly approaching, Snake makes a hasty retreat behind cover. He's hidings among some debris. Effective as he was, the fight still seems to have taken its toll. He's worn now. His body is showing it, too. Though the injections he self-administers seem to calm his ailments, it's obvious our hero has lived better days.

Nowhere to hide.

That's what Kojima promised at E3. Does he mean from Death? Can Snake not escape the reaper that comes for us all? Is his time nearly up? Or maybe Kojima was just talking about Otacon. Maybe Snake can't hide from him. The old nerd seems to have attached himself to a mini-gear. But before the vid-link conversation can carry on for too long, Snake vaults back out into the fray.

Suddenly he's being hunted again. He flips the Solid Eye personal viewer on to get his electronic bearings. Then he's off. Through the air, between bullets and away from pouncing gears, he goes. He's running. Snake's running. Running and running and running. Not hiding. If he stops, they'll kill him.

Just when we thought we'd die, the video ended. But the information is still coming. Here's a bit from Kojima's development studio...

Kojima Productions:
"Unseen" could be described as the inner aspect. For instance, if one were to talk about realistic graphics in the gaming industry, he or she would be referring to an image that is photograph-like. That, however, is reality from an external perspective and does not necessarily take into account the inner aspect. In the past, buildings in games were similar to those found on movie or stage sets and were merely pictures or photographs of wall-material pasted on the surface of a polygon model. The characters created on infinitesimally thin boards were also devoid of any signs of inner flesh, blood, or heart.
With next-generation hardware, Hideo Kojima intends to undertake the task of creating the inner qualities of these elements. When objects break, the sound generated from the breakage differs according to the weight and hardness of the object, and the content of the objects becomes exposed. When a character sustains an injury, not only would he experience physical change, but his physical agony would inevitably be accompanied by an emotional, sensory, and spiritual change. For instance, when the wind blows, there is a gradual shift in the configuration of the sand. When trees are burned to the ground, new seeds in the scorched earth sprout and bloom into flowers.

The inner aspect is unseen and establishes its presence only through time and the will of the player. This will pave the way toward a revolutionary change that will lead us away from the past concept based on "reality" towards the "natural."

The setting for Metal Gear Solid 4 (MGS4) is a time far beyond where MGS ends and MGS2 picks up.

The player once again takes on the form of Solid Snake and undertakes new missions.

In MGS and MGS2, the player snuck into man-made buildings, and in MGS3 the player tackled the natural landscape of the 1960's. What follows with MGS4 is a whole new concept in which the harshest infiltration missions will need to be performed in completely new situations.

In the first Metal Gear Solid title, Liquid Snake, who has the same genetic makeup as Solid Snake, takes over the advanced weapon system at Shadow Moses, an island located in the northern sea off of Alaska. He demands the release of the body of Big Boss by the US government in exchange for the nuclear weapon system, Metal Gear Rex. Solid Snake is sent on a solo mission to infiltrate the cold, deserted island to confront his brother, the other Snake.

In MGS2, Raiden, a new member of the Foxhound group, is sent on a solo mission to intercept the plans of the terrorist group who have built a fortress at Big Shell, the wastewater purification facility off the coast of New York. In the process of carrying out the mission, the existence of a powerful organization that has worked behind the scenes to aid the prosperous development of the American Republic gradually comes to light.

MGS3, the latest release, goes back to the Cold War era and tells the tale of the original Solid Snake. It vividly depicts the birth of Big Boss.

With the fourth installment of the MGS series, the storyline is once again set in the near future. The next-generation PlayStation 3 platform will be infiltrated by an all-star cast and loaded with shocking new scenerios. The secret behind winning the warfare of the next-gen is not found in any "place" but rather in "Sense."
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MessageSujet: Re: Premières images! + infos du TGS   

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Premières images! + infos du TGS
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